First blog post

Let me introduce myself and my family.  My name is Pennie.  My husband’s name is Bo. And our daughters are Raven & Starla.  I decided  to start this because I began reviewing products here and there when I ordered things online, but mainly I love telling friends and family about great new products that I try. This has now rubbed off on my husband and our teenage daughters.  Sometimes I’ve had to go to them on how they liked a product to write the reviews. So I came up with the idea, “Why not start doing more with these reviews and add them into the mix a bit more?”.  Of course, I can always post things for our friends and family on Facebook, or write a review on the company’s website that I order from, but I wanted to do more. Then I decided why not branch out to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and blog about it.  But not only letting the posts, blogs, or videos just be from me, but my entire family. When you go to most videos, for example, you normally get a male or a female, an adult or a teenager, and that just doesn’t work for everyone. There’s so many things out there that need a variety of views. I cannot personally go review certain things like male products or things my daughters would use for school like book bags.  So I decided why not bring them all into this a bit more. I may even get to the Elderly generation by involving my grandmother. And I hope to venture further into other family members like cousins, nieces, or nephews, for example, so that we could review on baby products or smaller children items. But that is in the future. I just want to share information with others so that they can find great deals and great products out there. And I hope that this will help you and your family as it has helped ours many times. I look forward to our long journey in this and I hope others will help with ideas of products and subscribing to all of our blogs, videos, etc.  Love and Happiness to you all!.


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