Minister’s Morning Green Tea Matcha Powder

I want to make the statement that I received this product absolutely free to give my 100% honest review from J-wire Co., Ltd.

Now on with the review……

I absolutely love this product!!!!! haha

I really do! I was hesitant because I am not a big fan of green tea, but I was willing to give it a shot when I read all the health benefits of this stuff. Which, I will get to in a few!

The product comes in the cutest little Japanese box with the inside in this gold look that has a nice glisten to it.  Then you come to this nice little tin container to hold your Matcha in.  I will note that I will find some use of this cute tin once I’ve completely finished this product! Then inside the tin is a silver package of your powder.  I do suggest you are careful when you open the package because the powder is so fine that it can go everywhere. In my case I was sitting on the edge of my bed when I opened it and it did stain my bed a little.  No worries though, it does wash out!  Then just pour the powder into the tin for safe keeping, but just be careful when you open it.

So, now here I am with this powder to try. And its Green Tea, please note the only one who is a fan of the green tea is Raven, the rest of us could live without it. Well, Raven, was out of town this weekend so it was up to Starla and I to try this product because Bo is not interested in any of our weird health kicks most times.  Poor Starla, she hates trying new things because she’s so picky.

The Matcha powder we received is a ceremonial tea, so if you are a part of the Japanese culture or love the culture and want to use it that way I say go for it!  I will try it that way eventually, but we found something a bit more trendy to use it in.  Some of you may know of a famous chain of coffee and tea drinks.  And most of us are addicted to their drinks, but if you live on a budget it does get expensive, and Bo was sadly with me one day when I got a drink from there and he almost had a heart attack when he saw how much I spent on one drink.  So this is a great way to make one of their drinks on your own to save some money plus be healthy!

We made Iced Green Tea Lattes.  For this you will need 1 tablespoon of the Matcha Powder, mixed with 2 tablespoons of sugar or any other sweetener that you may want to use.  You will need to dissolve this mixture in a little bit of boiling water.  And I suggest from my own failure, to use a whisk or blend it in a blender to really mix and dissolve the Matcha powder because it is very fine, or you will get a sudden powder clump in your drink.  You may also purchase Matcha whisks.  Then just pour it over ice and add a cup of milk or almond milk, your choice, and top with some whipped cream.

This is extremely tasty.  Starla’s first word was wow.  We  were so shocked how great it tasted.  Bo took a sip but he will turn his nose up to anything green that you have to drink.   I do not suggest drinking this drink at night or anything you use Matcha in because it does have caffeine. And normally I can drink a cup of coffee at night and still turn around and go to bed, but not with this. Starla and I were wide awake.  But luckily it does not give you that caffeine jitters.

You may also use this product in cooking or baking.  We found several cookies, cakes, and even fudge recipes, so just take a look around for ideas.  I’m hoping to explore more with Matcha powder.

The health benefits are wonderful!  I will only list  a few but please make sure you do a little research yourself.  It is high in antioxidants!  It is loaded with Catechin, EGCg, which is an ingredient that helps fight cancer!  It is a calming drink, yes calming, even though it has caffeine like I said you do not get the jitters like you would with most things that have caffeine included.   It boosts your memory and clarity, this is great for me since I have a brain condition and have had brain surgery so my memory hasn’t been the best.  It burns calories!  And it boosts your metabolism!  I’ve even read that it helps with people who have diabetes.  The list could go on for awhile!

All in all this is a great product. The only down side to it is that the price is kind of steep if you are on a budget.  You only have to use a little at a time so it looks like it will last you a good bit, unless you go full Matcha crazy and use it for drinks and baking.  Other than that its really worth it to try this out for yourself. I love finding new healthy things to try so I’m very excited this was sent to me to try out!

If you want to check out my video on it please go check out our YouTube Channel  Make sure that you give it a thumbs up and subscribe so that you can see more of our videos as they come out.

If you are interested in purchasing this product and the price did not scare you away please go check it out on Amazon

I do feel like everyone should give it a try!  Thank you all for reading my blog on Minister’s Morning Green Tea Matcha.  #Matcha Enjoy!  Love & Happiness!


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