Martini Cocktail Shaker Set Review

What’s this? Another review? I know, I know, I love it too!

I received the Martini Cocktail Shaker Set from Happy-li for free for my honest review.

This is a fun thing to add to your home.  Especially if you like to entertain, or maybe you just enjoy making nice cocktails of your own at home.  Well this product would be a great must have!  It high quality and even better than some of the ones professionals use.  I know this because I have been a bartender before in my younger years, and I have to say, I really enjoy this set.

The kit includes  a 24 oz. Shaker, a shaker lid with a built in strainer, a shaker cap to avoid spills, a jigger (for those of you who do not know that is the shot measurer), a strainer, and 2 pourers.  You also get 2 free gifts, an eBook and 10 drink umbrellas.  The eBook has all sorts of tips for you.  It also has drink recipes, which are sectioned along with games and party tips.  I do like the visuals in this eBook, although I would have liked to of seen a pamphlet, or a little cheat card, or even a little handy pocket book with the drink recipes.  This would just come in handy when you’re entertaining so you don’t have to stop and go through a device to the eBook.  I do like the eBook though, so I would have liked to of had both.  And the umbrellas are a cute way to decorate up your drinks.

I personally do not drink as much now that I’m older, but I do like making virgin mocktails, fruit waters, or iced coffees and I am sure that I will sometimes have an alcohol beverage here and there.  Either way, I am sure to get plenty of use out of this, and have fun doing so!

If you are interested in this product I feel it’s very much worth the price of $23.94 on Amazon.  I was actually shocked when I saw the price!  I am including the link in case anyone reading would like to order this.  I hope you all have a fantastic day! Enjoy! Love & Happiness!

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