Front Pocket Slim Wallet RFID Minimalist Leather Card Holder & Id Badge Holder Review

This little box contains so much! It’s extremely gift ready if anyone decides that they would like to get this for a gift. You can wrap it up or toss it into a gift bag and you’re good to go!

You get a nice 100% leather slim wallet to hold your cards and cash.  You can fit up to 8 cards and 10 bills or if you want to go all cards you can fit up to 12 in this.  You can bypass having a big bulky wallet in your pocket using this product.  And ladies, if you do not feel like carrying in that purse sometimes on shopping trips or going to outdoor events, then you can slip this into your pocket because it is so slim it will be barely noticeable!  I will get more into the RFID part later on in this blog.

The ID Badge holder is also made of 100% leather as well.  I did not use an ID of course for the photos or my video on YouTube, for obvious protection reasons.  It is very nicely made as well.  And behind it you can place money or a few cards to carry with you.  The lanyard is made with a ribbon/satin material that is very thick and soft.  It feels very nice on your neck and the holder is not heavy at all. Bo said that this would be nice for me because I am always losing my ID if I do not carry my purse.  We are hoping to go to the fair in a few months and he pointed out that I could use that and keep it under my shirt so that I can have my ID and some money with me and I would not lose it.  I think he’s trying to say I lose things.  I would argue the fact, but he is correct.

The double sided wallet is RFID Safe!  It can block RFID signals from Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ID Cards, & Driver’s Licenses. The frequency of this is 13.56 MHz.  It does not however block from ID Badge, some older hotel cards, and some building access cards. That frequency works at 125 KHz.

This is such a nice set to own or even gift. We loved it. Bo was actually very involved in looking over this product with me and giving me his opinions as well as discussing mine. Neither of us found anything that we disliked about this wallet, except that he can’t fit all his stuff into it.  He ends up with my cards sometimes plus his, plus all the rewards cards and any business cards we get.  His wallet is like the mini form of my purse, only we know where everything is in our own location.  He does really like this as well though. He does sometimes hate having to carry his big bulky wallet because it gets uncomfortable. So he said he may end up using this a lot when he knows exactly what he needs to carry with him.

The product is $14.99 on Amazon. Here is the link if you are interested.

I received this product for free for my honest and unbiased review.

I hope you guys enjoy! Love & Happiness!


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