Scratch off Interactive World Map by Info-Glob Review

I will say this was not my best review because I did this at night with many distractions and while being tired.  Raven was sick today and Bo’s off work for the next 2 days.  My routine to review could not get put off for 2 days, especially since I have so much to review this week. But, when this came in at around 6:30 pm tonight, I could not wait to open this up and review it!

This map is poster size, 32.5 x 23.5 inches. And it comes with a scratch off tool and a real working compass!  I had Bo check this out for me since he is a former boy scout and he did verify that it does really work!  Raven wanted to help me with it so she was helping me old it while I took pics and did the scratching off while I took some video.  But, after we finished up all of that I jumped in to do a little “scratching”.  It is extremely easy.  I just loved it. And you see really vibrant colors after you scratch off a country.

This map is intended for the traveler or a gift for someone who travels a lot. You keep record of the places you have traveled by scratching off the gold off the country to reveal a bright color.  Each country is a different color. I think this would be a great gift for someone in the military, or retired military, or even someone who has to travel with work or is retired from a job that job from which they had to travel a lot.  This is even great for a family who vacations to different countries.  You can store it in the very nice gift tube that it comes it. Which is very well made, and you can use it to keep for storing your map until you are ready to hang it or frame it and hang it up.

I think that this would be something you would like to pass down as a record of you through your family.  With everyone loving genealogy right now, imagine if you had a map of your ancestor with record of everywhere that they traveled.  This was a great experience and I really enjoyed starting it up with Raven. Of course, we have not been to other countries, but we made it into a map of places we plan to go one day. Sort of a Bucket List of countries to travel to in our lifetime.  It would be a great conversation piece for anyone’s home.

If you would like to buy this for yourself or as a gift the price is $29.99. Which for this high quality gift, is very much worth every cent, the link is : . Someone would love to receive this or you will love it to mark down your travels in your life!

Enjoy! Love & Happiness


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