Fog Free 3X Shower Mirror and Makeup Mirror by Mirror On A Rope

I received this mirror from Mirror on a Rope for free for my honest and unbiased review.

This is an awesome mirror! It is great for someone who does not want a stronger magnification mirror. Although, it is still pretty magnified.  I could see my pores very easily.  This mirror can be used as a makeup mirror because it can stand on a flat surface.  You can even secure it on some surfaces with the easy suction cup on the bottom.  Which, has a tab to pull to release it.  You may also put this up on your mirror in your bathroom, but mainly, you can place this mirror in your shower.

The suction cup helps secure it on your shower wall.  And because the entire thing is made of durable plastic, including the mirror, it will not shatter all over if you drop it in the shower.  My husband, Bo, likes this because he said he can cut his time down now because now he can shave in the shower.  Our daughters both like it because they can go ahead and do their facial cleansers in the shower as well or brush their teeth to cut down morning time when getting ready for school.  They will not have to move the mirror each time in the shower because of the pivoting ball that is on this mirror so that you can easily adjust it.  It is very nice. And it won’t fog up!

If you want an idea of what to get the man in your life or maybe even a female since we can have more uses of this, then I would 100% suggest getting this for them. And, you cannot beat the price on this mirror! It is $18.99 on Amazon.  I feel like the price is great on this mirror, because I’ve seen some of the cheaper ones, and usually the mirror is real and breakable, or the magnificated plastic mirror warps your face til it hurts your eyes to use it for so long.  So this is a great mirror!  If you would like to buy it you can find it at this link: .

Thank you guys for checking out this review.  I will have another product by this same company for you in a few hours so check back!

Enjoy! Love & Happiness


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