InstaNatural Acne Face Wash Review

I wanted to try this product for Raven.  She’s 17 and has very bad acne and has tried so many different products.  Some you either have to do several times a day, or several steps, or they left her face feeling itchy or tingly or unclean.  So I had her try the InstaNatural Acne Face Wash.

When we received the product we checked out a few things before she used it. Of course we loved the fact that it is an all natural cleaner.  It comes in a 6.7 oz bottle.  Just one bottle no steps!  And we read the instructions that were very simple.  Make sure that you use on a damp face, apply to the face (especially the T zones), massage in until it lathers, and rinse off.  And do this every morning and every night. So it was pretty simple, which she likes! Then we opened it up to smell what the product smells like, because sometimes all natural can be an unpleasant smell.  It had a citrus smell, or orange smell as Raven put it.

So she went and took her a shower that way her face would be clean and damp before trying this product.  She said it was very easy to apply and that she massaged it in until it was foamy and just rinsed it off.  She loved that it did not leave her itchy or tingly.  I asked her if her face felt clean and she said that it did and felt refreshing.  She also pointed out that their was not a film feeling on her face afterwards.  I told her that the price was $17.07 and she said that is really not that bad, because most products that she has tried were expensive because of the steps so you had to buy a kit, or that she would find something in expensive but it ran out so quick because you had to do it more than once a day.  She felt that the product is worth the price. I asked her if she would recommend it to her friends because she told me while we were checking out the product when it came in that her friends have bad acne problems as well and that they talk about how nothing seems to work, she said she would love to recommend this to her friends and plans on doing so tomorrow at school.  After we were finished of course she asked me if I got all of the photos and video that I needed of the product, and I told her “Yes”, and she took off with the product.  When her sister came in she told her about the product so then she wanted to go try it and she loved it as well.  Raven is never excited about face washes. The less she has to do it in her eyes the better, but she kept telling me that her face felt so clean.

I have very little acne, so I decided to let them keep it all. The smell is very wonderful and the texture I noticed was a nice texture, not like a heavy feeling texture.  It seems like it is going to be a product that we will have to order again next month! If you would like to see how Raven’s acne is and hear her thoughts on the product the video is on our YouTube channel, .

Again this product is $17.07 on Amazon and if you would like to purchase this for yourself or your teenager the link is :

We received this product for free for an honest and unbiased review!

Enjoy! Love & Happiness!


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