Professional Cake Decorating Supplies Tips Set Kit Review

I am reviewing the Professional Cake Decorating Supplies Tips Set Kit. I received this product free for my honest and unbiased review.

This kit is awesome.  You get a nice storage case for your tips. You also get 24 stainless steel tips to get you started.  You get 2 silicone bags that are reusable and very easy to wash.  It comes with a hoop on it so that you can hang these up to dry when you’re finished cleaning them. Included is 2 couplers for securing your tips to the bags.  And you get an ebook that has instructions, photos to give you an idea of what tips do what, instructions to do decorations with these tips, plus some other tips that you could possibly get one day. You also get a year guarantee with 30 days money back if not satisfied.

This was so easy to use.  I was going to submit some photos of some cupcakes I did, but with the humidity high in our place yesterday, it made my icing a tad thin and the designs flattened out.  I did have to figure out how to put this all together because I have only worked with fondant and never piping or tips. This was the downfall of the ebook.  I had to go into the living room and open it up that way so this was a little distracting.  I wish that this had been included as a hardback or even paperback book.  And then maybe if possible the ebook. But with the price you cannot complain! It is such a nice kit for $12.99 on Amazon.  I’ve hunted kits before and I found some kits that were smaller for this price. So this is a great deal.

I had a wonderful experience with this product and plan to continue using it every time I bake cakes, cupcakes or even cookies! If you would like to add this product to your home you may find it by clicking this link; .

I hope that you enjoy this review! Love & Happiness!


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