Redevino Wine Aerator Review

I enjoyed doing this review so much!  This amazing box carries something that I now love!  Inside this very nice package is a luxury wine aerator.  It includes the aerator, a no drip base, a stand, and a metal strainer (which you need this piece to get the correct process done).  It is about the size of a regular mason jar, which I had to use when I first tested it because my wine glasses never last, they get broken so easily.  The actual size is 3.7 x 3.7 x 5.1 inches and it weighs in at 15.8 ounces, which is not heavy at all.

I was not really sure that I would like this product.  I like wine here and there but I’m always turned off by the bitterness in most cases.  I figured that I would try this out and if I did not like it that much I would pass it to my mother who loves wine.   So, this aerator is pretty simple to use.  You do get instructions with pictures, so that helps.  I was recording my first experience for my Amazon review, I figured I would let them hear my first reaction to the tasting.  I was using my right hand to hold the camera like always since I am right handed.  And usually I have problems when trying to do videos and even moving things around with my left hand.  I had absolutely no problems with the set up, aerator process, and finishing up.  It was very easy to use. You take it off of the stand and put the base onto the top of the glass and then place the aerator inside of the stand.  Then you place the little metal strainer in the center of the aerator.  And you just pour the wine in.  I started off slowly, but realized it did not matter.  You hear a little sound and it is quickly finished. It flows as you pour.  Nothing electronic running it through quickly, its just that fast.  And then I had to taste it.

Before doing this I want to note that I did taste my wine before the aeration process.  I was finished with the aeration process and had my first taste.  And I was blown away.  My first words were “oh wow!”.  It was just that good.  No bitterness at all.  It did have a lighter feel that I really cannot explain.  It was a fruity wine and I could actually taste the fruit rather than a bitter flavor. I loved it so much and plan on using this product more.  I instantly went to message my friends to tell them about it. Now my best friend wants to get one to try out.  It does make a nice difference in using this item if you enjoy drinking wine. I cannot wait to try out wines that I disliked in the past.

The price on this item is not bad at all, especially since it has such a luxurious look to it. It is price at $24.95 on Amazon.  If you would like to purchase this for yourself or gift it for a wine lover who does not have an aerator, which they will thank you after using this, this is the link :

Again I had so much fun testing this product!

I would like to add that I received this product 100% free for my honest and unbiased review.


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