Non Slip Bath Mat by LuxyHome Review

I am reviewing the Non Slip Bath Mat by LuxyHome.

It is an anti-bacterial shower mat. The size is 16 x 28 inches. And it says that it will fit any size tub, so I had to try this out. I have 2 tubs, one is a regular sized tub, and the other is an oval shaped garden tub with a shower. And it fit both! You also get this scrubbing pad that you can slide over your hand for deep cleansing.

The bath mat does not slip. The suctions are very thick and there are so many that every part of the mat sticks down just great. The mat has some weight, it is 2.4 pounds. So, it is not a think mat. It did not bunch up while in the shower. There was no slipping at all. I stepped off the mat in a spot and it was slippery, so after that I made sure to stay on the mat while taking a shower.

It is a great shower mat and I love the bonus scrub pad. It is slightly rough so that way it scrubs your skin very well and washes away dirt. After I just squeezed it out and hung it up with the hoop that was attached to it. Together with the shower mat this is a great combo to have. And the price is actually not bad at all.

It is $9.99 on Amazon. If you would like to purchase this here is the link;

Disclaimer: I received the product from the seller at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of this product. I do believe that giving the most honest and reliable review may help other customers like me meet their expectations and helps sellers improve their designs to meet the needs of their customers.


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