Easy@Home Digital Oral Basal Thermometer Review

I am reviewing the Easy@Home Digital Oral Basal Thermometer.

This thermometer is pretty neat. Of course it’s main purpose is for someone who is trying to get pregnant and monitoring their temperature with their ovulation period, but we are using it as a basic thermometer. It is 1/100th of a degree precise. It has an alarm clock set up. It comes with a chart for you to track your temperature. It also records up to 60 temperatures all with dates and times they were taken. And it has a nice soft beeping noise when it is done, but an alarm to notify you that there’s a fever!

I wanted to show this in a video testing it on my daughter but it took a bit to record and I did not want that much dead air of no talking. It takes the normal amount of time to record, ,but I did not want to spend the whole time of the video telling you facts rather than a review. It is a great thermometer. I am not fond of how big the end that goes in your mouth because normal ones are a good size smaller. But, I love the big screen and all the information. You can change it to Celsius recording as well if you prefer that. And I love the extra features. This is coming to our home just in time for cold and flu season, so I am very glad that we will have this on hand.

The case to keep it in is very nice too. I am always losing those regular digital thermometers and I hate the small screens on them. I do not think I will lose this one! It is a great addition to anyone’s home even if you are not using it to try and track your temperature with your ovulation times.

It is $16.75 on Amazon. Here is the link if you would like to purchase; https://www.amazon.com/Easy-Home-Thermometer-Temperature-Completion/dp/B013CVQ476/ref=sr_1_33_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1466202249&sr=8-33&keywords=oral+thermometer

If you would like to see the video review it is here on YouTube; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPM4TGeqS-w

Disclaimer: I received the product from the seller at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of this product. I do believe that giving the most honest and reliable review may help other customers like me meet their expectations and helps sellers improve their designs to meet the needs of their customers.

Good luck to those of you who need this while family planning! I wish you all the best! Enjoy! Love & Happiness!


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