VicTsing 3 in 1 Fisheye Lens Review

I am reviewing VicTsing 3 in 1 Fisheye Lens.

This is really neat. I use to be into photography and I loved how you could buy the different lenses for DSLR cameras. So now you can get some of them for your phones or tablets. You get a macro lens, a wide angle lens, and fish eye lense. They all attach to these clips that you can clip onto your phones or tablets. I am not sure about all tablets but they did work on my children’s tablets.

You simply screw them into the clips. And the fish eye lense you screw in on top of the macro lens. I liked the wide angle and the fish eye, but I felt like the macro lens by itself was kind of pointless. All it does is zoom so blurry that you cannot make out what the photo actually was. But I love this product. We have been having so much fun taking pics with it. My teenagers of course will nab this product from me now.

I also want to point out that the pouch that comes with it is made of the same fabric as the cloths that you get with DSLR cameras to clean the lenses. So, not only can you store all of this in the pouch it will double as a cleaning cloth. You do get caps too to keep on them like the big lenses for bigger cameras. I love it!

It is $12.99 for the set on Amazon. If you would like to buy them here is the link;

If you would like to see them in use and hear more of a description please check out my YouTube video;

Disclaimer: I received the product from the seller at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of this product. I do believe that giving the most honest and reliable review may help other customers like me meet their expectations and helps sellers improve their designs to meet the needs of their customers.

I really enjoyed reviewing this I hope you end up loving it as well! Love & Happiness!


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