Kitchen 4 You 4 Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer Review

I am reviewing Kitchen 4 You 4 Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer.

You get the spiral slicer and 4 julienne blades along with a cleaning brush and an instruction booklet. It is to be used with carrots, zucchinis, cucumber, etc. And you get the piece that you put into the end of the vegetable that you put and turn in the slicer.

I think this product is OK. It was not so easy to use. The thing with the spikes to stab into your vegetable so that you can turn it into the slicer did not hold well to the zucchinis that I used. I tried 3 different zucchinis. It just gutted the end because it would not turn. I had to end up using my hand to turn the zucchini in the slicer. The blades are extremely sharp so I did not go all the way down until my zucchini was gone, so you end up with a good chunk of zucchini that you will not probably use. I did like the cuts that it did.

When it came time to change the blades the instructions showed how to remove this latch and made it look like it was easy to push right out, but it was not. I had to force it out. It then says to grab the blade and pull it right out. That was not working so I had to use pliers to pull it out. I was also afraid of cutting my fingers by pulling this out with my fingers, so that was another reason for choosing the pliers route to changing the blades. You do have to give a nice firm push on the blade to put it back into the slicer. Clean up was easy, you just rinse it out. I did notice I missed a spot while doing the video, but I gave it another rinse and it washed right off. So that part is nice, because there was a build up around the blade after using, of smashed zucchini. It was very easy to clean. But not so great to use. You have to be extremely careful using this, but that is common with anything that slices.

I feel the product was okay. I’ve always seen these used with zucchinis, so that is why I chose to use this vegetable. It just was not as easy as I thought it would be. I will continue to try this out with more vegetables. But, for my first try I was not that highly impressed.

If you do decide that you would like to try this product out yourself, it is available on Amazon for $9.99. Here is the link if you’re interested;

If you would like to see the video that I did on the product here is the link;

Disclaimer: I received the product from the seller at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of this product. I do believe that giving the most honest and reliable review may help other customers like me meet their expectations and helps sellers improve their designs to meet the needs of their customers.


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