Garshana Gloves by Healm Review

I am reviewing Garshana Gloves by Healm.

These gloves are made with 100% raw silk. They are for dry brushing your skin. It is from an ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda. Which was believed to be a part of your health and wellness routine. You are to massage over parts of your body as directed in the card that is included. Sometimes it will be in circular movements or other movements.

This feels so good and relaxing. It says that only you are to use these gloves, but I believe that is meaning you don’t want to rub down your skin or have someone rub down your skin and then go use it on someone else. Or it could be a part of the custom. It is not that satin feel silk like you are thinking. It is rough, raw silk. This removes your dry, dead skin from your body. Cleaning out the pores of your body and making it look clearer and healthier. It also is suppose to tone your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. There’s so many benefits of using this product other than that. It helps release your toxins and helps blood circulation. To me mainly the best part is just how relaxing it feels. Its like having a nice little spa day at home.

I did find it a tad hard to do this on myself, so I had to have Bo do this for me. I deal with dry skin problems, so this was a big help to me. Of course it did not remove all of my dry skin, but again I have extremely dry skin. The card that is included gives you some details on how to use this product. And you can also do some more research on Ayurveda if you would like to know more details about what it is, what it does, and how to use it.

If you would like to purchase this product it is $19.97 on Amazon, and here is the link;

To see my full long video review here is my YouTube link;

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge from the seller for my complete and 100% honest and unbiased review. I only give my honest review on a product. I have by no means been bribed into giving a 4 or 5 star review. I will always give you my feelings on a product, good or bad.



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