TCP Global 100 Piece Plastic Razor Scraper Blades Review

I’m reviewing the TCP Global 100 Piece Plastic Razor Scraper Blades.

These things are so neat and so great! I of course got them for crafting, but there’s so many uses for them. It gets stickers off so easily without scratching wood too. I had to test it out on some things my girls have stuck stickers on before. And it did not scratch up at all. I just used some rubbing alcohol to get up the sticky stuff after. And you get so many of these. I’m going to give a couple to some people that I know so that they can try it out. And since I’ve been doing some crafting with tape here and there it helps me with getting out the air bubbles without messing up the tape. I love this product and recommend it to anyone in crafting or even the other suggestions there are for it!

If you know someone who is in the auto business and that works with painting, detailing, or tinting, then this would be a great gift for them. Or even someone who likes crafting like myself. They do not cut anything!

If you would like to buy them for yourself you get 100 for $8.56! You can find them on Amazon at this link;

If you would like to see my video review you can find it on YouTube at this link;

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge from the seller for my complete and 100% honest and unbiased review. I only give my honest review on a product. I have by no means been bribed into giving a 4 or 5 star review. I will always give you my feelings on a product, good or bad.



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