U.S. Office Supply Bible Safe Gel Highlighters Review

I am reviewing the U.S. Office Supply Bible Safe Gel Highlighters.

These are pretty neat! They’re not even like real markers. They do lightly mark on your skin when you try but it is very faint. It seems like they’re more of a wax almost like a crayon but not quiet. The pink is very vibrant. Some of the other colors not so much, but I’ve only tried the pink, blue, and orange. I noticed when I ran this over a quote in the Bible that it leaves almost a wax like feeling on the paper, but not in a way that the paper from the previous page will stick to it. I am not sure how well this would work on shiny paper like in textbooks. But, I’m sure that you could use this for other things, for example, highlighting notes that you’ve taken in class. I know when I use to highlight mine when I was in school that it would sometimes bleed through. And these do not! They are extremely durable, I will use these for more than just my Bible I’m sure.

You get blue, pink, yellow, green, orange, and purple. They will not smear or bleed through. The tip, or wax like flat tip, will eventually run down. When this happens you just simply twist them up like deodorant. It will not even dry out if you leave the cap off!

If you would like to buy these, which I think that you should, they’re $7.96 on Amazon. You can find them at this link; https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M0FDEUA

If you would like to see my video review you can find it on YouTube at this link; https://youtu.be/aBFk25O32lk

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge from the seller for my complete and 100% honest and unbiased review. I only give my honest review on a product. I have by no means been bribed into giving a 4 or 5 star review. I will always give you my feelings on a product, good or bad.



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