Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island Book Review

I am reviewing a book called Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island.

This book is great so far. I had hoped to finish it before doing my review, but things just happen and I like to dedicate a lot of time to reading when I read. This book is by Michael Phillip Cash. Before I tell you about what I know so far, let me tell you a few things. This book has some long chapters, but it is very well written! So far I am enjoying it very much. I was included a bonus novella book by him as well called The Hanging Tree. I have not gotten to it yet, but I am starting it as soon as I finish this one. It is available in paperback, Kindle Unlimited eBook service, and Audible, but I will tell you the prices in a bit.

Now, here’s what I know so far. There’s this man named Paul. His wife has died recently of cancer. They have a set of twins and a little girl. Paul works in real estate but he’s been out of work for a bit because of her health and then her passing. His sister has taken the children for a bit but is now bringing them home. So, Paul is now having to adjust to his wife’s death and her not being around anymore to help with the wifely duties and also motherly duties. He’s faced with morning his wife, being a single parent, and then having to go back to trying to have a normal life again and get back to work. He goes back to work and his childhood friend’s wife has contacted him. His friend’s parent’s have passed and they need to sell their mansion. The thing is, his friend’s parents, well the deaths were caused by a murder suicide! I cannot tell you anymore just know that this story will also include that his wife’s soul is being trapped by a demon, and he’s now having to sell this mansion, which he finds out is haunted. It is a great book!

If you would like to buy it, it’s available through Amazon 3 different ways. You can get it in paperback for $9.99. You can get it for your Kindle if you are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited for free. Or, you may get it through Audible for $13.08. Here is the link for you to check it out!

If you would like to see my video review you can find it on YouTube at this link;

Disclaimer: I received this product free from the seller for my complete and 100% honest and unbiased review. I only give my honest review on a product.



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