Expert Grillers’ Barbecue Grill Brush Review

I am reviewing Expert Grillers’ Barbecue Grill Brush.

This is really great. We have not been able to use it yet, because Bo is rather picky about when he cleans the grill. But, he looked it over and said its very nice and is going to clean it very well. This is compatible with any size barbecue grill. It has a long handle, which makes it 17 inches in length, which is good to keep you away from the heat. I did not know this until I told Bo that I wanted to do a video using this on the grill, that it needs to be hot to really clean it well. I do most of the cooking inside, he’s the grill person I ask questions to. In most cases, it is guys that normally do all the grilling, but I’m sure some ladies do this as well. So this is not only a great gift idea for the guys in your life, but maybe some women as well. With our southern warm weather, you can still fire up your grill as we get to the cooler time of the year! Why not gift this for grill lovers in your life? It is 3 brushes in 1 and will clean the top, bottom, and the sides of the grates. These bristols are long and even sharp, I touched them by accident! You get this great case to keep it in, which will be great if you travel with your grill. Don’t worry about the sharp bristols, because there is another plastic case that goes just over the bristols.

If you would like to purchase this item it is $12.95 on Amazon. Here is the link;

If you would like to see my video review please see my Youtube;

Disclaimer: I received this product free from the seller for my complete and 100% honest and unbiased review. I only give my honest review on a product.



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