SelpHbalance Natural Mosquito Repellent Review

I am reviewing SelpHbalance Natural Mosquito Repellent.

This is a really nice product. And you get so many bracelets! You can put them on your wrist or your ankle, but you can also put it on baby carriers or other things around you. It comes in a zip container, so you can wear them for a few hours and put them back in to keep them fresh. You can use them on kids, adults, and even pets. They are made with lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, citronella, peppermint oil and a natural lemon-scented essential oil called Geraniol. They are made of microfiber and are so soft. Its 100% non-toxic. They are good for 2 years if not opened. They are Deet free! I know that this is very important to most. They last up to 240 hours!!!!! They are something the outdoors lover would need in their life.

I have a link from the seller for where you can buy these from; , but at the moment for some reason this link is not working. So, I cannot give you an exact price. I have tried contacting the seller about this. It could be sold out at the moment. Please keep checking the link or check back here and I will add an update as soon as I know anything.

Here is my YouTube video review;

Disclaimer: I received this product free from the seller for my complete and 100% honest and unbiased review. I only give my honest review on a product.



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